"The Real Teacher is a Learner of Learners who Learn How the Learner Learn"


I am

  • fun-loving and ambitious person with little introvert in nature.
  • risk taking and facing challenges for productive activities.
  • love spiritual matters in its real human sense.
  • interested in seeking real reasons for the universe and mysterious life.
  • like making friends but at the same time I am very choosy in it. 
  • strongly believe in Nature.

My Family

Father's Name      :       Late Mr. Kochan Velayudhan Vaidyar
Mother's Name     :       Late. R.Subhadra
Wife's Name         :      Dr. R.Lakshmi Iyer
Elder Child           :      Anavadya D Anand
Younger Child       :      Anant Jit D Anand
Date Of Birth        :      30th April 1965.

My Hobbies

  • Listening Music Especially Ghazals.
  • Reading Educational Books.
  • Net surfing.
  • Watching movies

My Interests

  • Web browsing and web creation.
  • Infusing online technologies into educational research.
  • Conducting teacher personality classes.
  • Integration of Information Technology into Teacher education.
  • Integration of ICT in School Teaching.
  • Research oriented approach to education.
  • Bridging E-learning and Mobile learning strategies with education and teacher education.
  • Constructing Sanskrit and Educational related simple software.

My Language Proficiency

  • English   
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Sanskrit

My Computer Skills

  • Operation - Dos, Windows 2000 and XP
  • Application - MS Office, Adobe page maker and Language softs
  • Browsers -     Internet explorer, Mozilla firebox, Chrome